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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dhannale Talli Song Lyrics Translation From Ullasamga Utsahanga

Movie : Ullasamga Utsahamga
Music : G.V Prakash
Lyrics : Ananth Sriram
Singer : Rahul Nambiar

Dhannale Thalli Song Meaning In English

Oo aa...let’s get this party started
Oo aa...oo...aa..let’s get this party started
oo aa...

Dhannale thalli inka ennalle
Oh girl I've lost my patience now, how long will this happen?

Ivvale malli inkem cheyyale
What else should I do again today ? (to impress you)

Prathi roju ki...okosari marichi praanam thiyyake...kumari gajini
Forgetting about me not take my life away Ms. Gajini

|| Dhannale thalli || 2 ||

||oo aa||

Varsham lo unte...umbrella laga ne chatullone bandhinaipona
When you're in rain..should I turn into umbrella so that I'll be held firmly in your hands?

Moody ga unte movie ticket ni ay...kaali ga unte TV channel ni ay
When you're feeling moody, I'll be the movie ticket...When you are free..I'll be the TV channel to entertain you

Worry ga unte edo good news ni ay...everyday ninne follow aipona
When you're worried, I'll be the good news...Should I follow you every day?

Em chesthe e inka gurtistavammo...nuvve cheppamo
What else should I do to get noticed by you?...You tell me

|| Dhannale thalli ||

 Podhune ochi coffee lo cheri o oo...good morning antu wishe chesi pona oo
I'll come early morning along with your coffee and wish you a good morning

Cell phone on chesthe nene network ni ay
When you switch on the mobile phone...I'll be its network

Driving lo unte nene helmet ni ay
When you're driving...I'll be your helmet

Midnight ne room lo nene bed light ni ay
At midnight...I'll be the bed light in your room

Em kavalanna...anni nenavana
Whatever you need...I'll be that everything

|| Em chesthe ||

|| Dhannale thalli ||

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