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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chinni Chinni Asha Song Lyrics Translation From Roja

Movie : Roja
Music : A.R Rehman
Lyrics : Rajashri
Singer: Minmini

Chinni Chinni Aasa Song Meaning In English

Chinni Chinni aasha chinnadaani aasa
This is a dear little wish of a sweet little girl

Muddu muddu aasa mutyamanta aasa
It is a beloved wish, as little as a pearl

Jaabilini taaki muddulidu aasa
I wish to touch the moon caressing it fondly

Vennalaku todai aadukonu aasa
I wish to play in the company of moon light

|| Chinni Chinni asha ||

Poovulaa nene navvukovaali
I wish to smile like a flower

Gaaline nenai saagipovaali
I wish to drift slowly like a breeze

Chintale leka chinduleyaali
I wish to dance happily let going all the worries

Vedukalalonaa telipovaali
I wish to glide cheerfully in this aura of festivity

Toorupu rekha velugukaavaali
I wish to be glow of sun raising from the east

|| Chinni Chinni asha ||

Chenulo nene pairu kaavaali
I wish to be the fruitful harvest of a crop land

Kolanulo nene alanu kaavaali
I wish to be the tides of a water course

Ningi harivillu vanchi choodaali
I wish to look beyond the rainbow of the sky

Manchu teralone nidurapovaali
I wish to sleep peacefully in the cover of snow

Chaitra maasamlo chinuku kaavaali
I wish to be the rain drop in the summer

|| Chinni Chinni asha ||

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