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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Violin Song Lyrics Translation From Iddarammayilatho

Movie : Iddarammayilatho
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Singers : David, Anitha 
Lyrics : Vishwa

Violin/Girl Song Meaning In English From Idharammailatho

The sentences highlighted with * that are sang by the female lead is much of Sanskrit than mainly signifies the praise of the gal for the boy

Girl... Just Let me be your man
I wanna hold your hand
And take you to your fantasy
Eyes...when I look into your eyes
You make me realize
My baby you're the only one for me

 *Kaantamana vaseekara...premaathura
 Modhakara manohara
 Chathura vidhura chora katudhara*

Girl gundello chotistha
I will place you dearly in my heart

Premanche choopistha
I will take you to the pinnacle of love

Nee lokam motham nenavutha
I will be your world

Come vennello thodavutha
Come...I will be your companion in the moon light

Varsham lo needavutha
Will be your umbrella in a rain

Neekosam nenu theeyani paatavutha
I will turn into a melodious song for you

Everyday every night every wrong every right
Neethone nadavali antunde manasu
My soul wants to walk with you always

*Sumarajaneekara soma vibudha
 Madhura manohara naama*

Naa vente nuvvunte naa sarvam nee vente
If you are with life(all my world) will follow you all along

Ne anna anakunna neekantha thelusu
Though I express it or know everything

*Samarakalaavala bheema abhaya athura parakrama shyama*

Raave gulaabi maalika
Come to beautiful crown of roses

Manasa vaccchasa neede ee baalika
Oh my sweet heart...I have come...I am all yours

|| Girl gundello ||

Every word every thought every mood every plot
Neethone saagali antunde vayasu
My life want to accompany you

*Aganitha shree gunasheela vinatha
  Kathana kuthoohala vyaala *

Addamla nee manasu premandam thelipindi
Your heart is reflecting the beauty of love like a mirror

Kanuvinde chesindi oorinche sogasu
Your alluring beauty is a feast to my eyes

*Mruduvachanamrutha lola rasika
 Chiru darahasyavi lola*

Preme nishalo oogisa
Our love is swinging happily in a dream(during night)

Kudire valathee bagundi varasa
This feeling of love is so good

Girl...You're like a crystal moon
Such a refreshing tune
You got me singing every verse
Come...In to my galaxy
Come fly away with me
Our love is like a universe! 


  1. sanskrit words meaning

  2. It's beautiful. Thank u so much.

  3. Thank you so much for your blog.... I started listening to telugu songs very recently and thought I could enjoy it more if I can understand the poetry behind them!!! (I don't know telugu). Your bolg is amazing. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.


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