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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Oh Priya Priya Song Lyrics Translation From Ishq

Movie : Ishq
Music : Anoop Rubens
Lyrics : Krishna Chaitanya
Singers : Adnan Sami, Nitya Meenon

 O Priya Priya Song Meaning In English

You are my honey !
You are my journey ! 

Oh priya priya Oh my dear priya
My dear sweetheart

Nee prema lo manase munigindhe velaa
My heart is immersed in your love

Thelusaa neekaina ontari oohallo…Unna oopirilo nuvve le priya
Do you know dear? that you are filled in my solitary thoughts and in every breath I take

I love you ani palikinadhe, ninu thaakina gaajayna
Every bangle that touched your hand is saying that it loves you

Aligina naa cheli navvullo nee premani choostunna
I can feel the love in the smile of my annoyed darling

||You are my everything||(4)

Praayam ninnedho saayam adigindaa
Has my womanhood ask any favor from you?

Dhoboochulate vayase adindaa oooo
Did the tender age play a game of hide and seek with you?

Thullintha pere prema anukunte
If this special feeling is called Love

Naa pedhave ninne daachukuntundi
My lips are treasuring  you dearly

Vidiga ninnodhalanu neekem kanivvanu
I'll never leave you alone…I won’t let anything happen to you

Kadhile nee kalaku praanam nenu
I’m the life of your dreams

What do you say?

||I love you ani palikinadhe||

Aakaasam nenai anthata unna
Just like the sky…I am spread all over

Taaralle naapai merisipoleva
Why don't you twinkle inside me like a star

Nee allari lone thelipothunte
I’m floating with happiness looking at your naughty acts

Nee chelime cheruvai cherukoleva
Come closer and reach me...with your love

Unna nee kandharu naala premincharu
Even If you find a better person than me...he will not love you more than me

Neeku nenunna ra bangaaru..
I'm there for you my darling

Emavuthano...nee mayallo
What would happen to me with your magic all over around?

||I love you ani palikinadhe||

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