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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ninna Leni Vinthale Lyrics Translation From 180

Movie : 180
Music : Shareth
Lyrics : Vanamali
Singers :  Unni Menon, Chitra,
 S. Sowmya

Ninna leni vinthale Song Meaning In English

Ninna leni vinthale chupene...kantipapale
My Eyes have introduced me to the wonders, that I was not aware of till now

Momulanni Chinthaga chudani...vendi navvule
Let the people watch with jealousy...these sparkling smiles of silver

Nee kannulne chusthu...Kaalale dhatela...Chiru navve naadayyena
That smile, which can make me cross over the realms of time just by looking into your eyes...can it (that smile) be mine?

|| Ninna leni vinthale ||

Neelo aa gusa gusale preme vallinchenaaa
Can love recite those untold secret whispers of your heart?

Paluke alise pedhave sedha theerela...Irakam niliche panule cheddam chethallo
Let’s do the things to add melody, that make the enervated words of lips sooth a while

Ri ni ri ga ri...Brathukuna o...Ri ma ni pa ga ri...Paramardhame
This life encompass deeper meaning

Manasa koo ri ri ga ma theeri pa da ni sa...Manishiga...Nilapadha
As the desire of the heart is fulfilled...the man gains his worth

|| Ninna leni vinthale ||

Neetho ee payanaale roju kona sagenaaa
Can this journey with you last forever?

Malupe thirige perige bahu dhoorale
With every turn we take, the distance grows

Manane kadaku nilipe gamyam nedaina
This destination of yours will make us remain together util the end of our lives

Da ni da ma ga ri...Ninu vidani...Ri pa ma ni pa ga ri...Chiru sambaram
That little bundle of joy which never leaves us

Danisa...nee sa ri ga tho ma pa da ni sa...Kadilithe...Chaladha
Wouldn't it be great if it(joy) follows us?

|| Ninna leni vinthale  ||

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