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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Neevevaro Lyrics Translation From Udayam NH4

Movie : Udayam NH4
Music : G.V.Prakash Kumar
Lyrics : Vanamali
Singers : Siddharth, Saindhavi

Neevevaro Song From Udhayam Nh4 Menaning In English

Neevevvaro Neevevvaro...nechudani naa oopiro
Who are you my man? Are you the unseen essence of my life?

Ee maghuvane gelichavuro...nachavuroo
You have won the heart of this lady(me)...I am pleased by you

|| Neevevvaro ||

Nee chupule nanu laageno
Your eyes have drawn me towards you

Nee premalo muncheseno...nee adugulo o needala nadipinchenoo
I am all in your love...walking with you in the every step of yours like a shadow

Chiru endalo jadivanavo...themanchulo chalimantavo
You are the downpour in the heat of the sun...bonfire in the sparkling snow

Kanusaigatho...manaserigina tholipremavooo
With the gesture of my have read my first love

Yevaipuga yegirellane...aa ningilo neetho ila
Towards which direction should I fly...with you in that sky?

Nee gundelo koluvundani...naa prayame needhekadha
Let me rest in your heart...all my life is yours

Dhooralu selavani tholagenulee
Distances have faded away bidding us good bye

Nemmadhiga manasulu kalisenule
Slowly our souls have come together

Nee velitho naa velike chelimaayale
My hand has befriended yours

|| Neevevvaro ||

Nee swasale nanu thakaga...naa siggule chithikayile
As your breath touched me...I started blushing

Nee parimalam nanu cheraga...naa thalapule sruthiminchele
As your fragrance reached thoughts cannot be confined

Manasila padavaga marenule
My heart has turned into a boat

Alajadiki atu itu uugenule
Due to is moving unsteadily

Dharicheruno...nee odicherunoo...yetusagunoo
I do not know where it is headed...will it reach the shore...your lap?

Naakosame vachavuro...kanureppala kaachavuro
You have come for me and protected me dearly

|| Ee maghuvane gelichavuro  ||

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