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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Neeti Mullai Lyrics Translation From Varsham

Movie : Varsham
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Singers : Sagar, Sumangaly
Lyrics : Sirivennela Seetaramasastry


Neeti Mullai Song Meaning In English

Neeti mullai nannu gilli...vellipoke malle vaana
Tweaking me like a vicious rain not leave me O rain of flowering blossoms

Jantanalle andamalle...vundipove vendi vaana
Like a beautiful bond that unites two souls...stay here forever, O rain of silver

Tenela chinukulu chavichoopinchi...Kannula daaham inkaa penchi
You made me relish the taste of honey dew drops...intensified the yearning of my eyes

Kammani kalavemo anipinchi
Mesmerizing me like a beautiful dream

Kanumarugai karigaavaa sirivaana
You slowly disappeared from my sight...O beloved rain of mine

Would I ever deny if you are ready to come back to me?

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