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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Materani Mounam Lyrics Translation From Roudram

Movie : Roudram
Music : Prakash Nikki
Lyrics : Vanamali
Singer : Ranina Reddy

Maate Rani Mounam Song Meaning In English

Maate rani mounam
The Silence behind my unspoken words

Mali sandhyalloo nee dhyaanam
The deep contemplation of yours at dawn

Ninu Chusthunte Chalantu...Nekai Veche Pranam
Looking at you all day long is what I want...My life is waiting for you

Thela thelavare bhumi
The earth that is waking up

Tholi podde dusukurani
Let the morning sunr ays come in

Gadiyaram chupe samayam
The time indicated by the clock

Adi nammena ee nimisham
Can that be believed this minute?

Ee manche chalike vanike vellallona...nannu nelo dacheyani
Even the snow is shivering in this freezing cold...hide me in you

Ne cheye nanne thake haiee lona rendu aathmalu ekamkani
At the moment of bliss when your hand touches me...let our two souls blend into one

|| Maate rani mounam ||

Okachote kalisuntuu...valapokate kalale kantunna
I am dreaming...we are living together making love as life

Thooodu nuve nantu
You are my  companion

Ne vandi pedthunte
As I am cooking for you

Na vente paduthuntav
You are following me all the way

Mana eruvuri alkaline...doooram chesthanantu
Letting go our hunger

Naaakentho nache gitalanni need...neeevu nenu kalise undaaamm
All the my favorite songs today are about you and me living together

Neee chupe nalo repe anandale...jeevithantham kaava sonthamm
All that happiness that your glance all mine...all my life

|| Maate rani mounam ||

Kurise siri vennelalo...niluvella thadisoddam
In the spread out moonlight...let’s get drenched

Ragile mana swasalo
With the scintillations of our breath

Reyee chalimanteddam
Lets light a bonfire tonight

Illantha ne guruthe...dusthuloo ne mamathe
Our home is filled with your memories...and the wardrobe with your affection

Ontari ga levantu jantai unde bandham
All this makes me feel that I am not alone, but bonded with you

Naakosam laale pade Ooo chirugali
O cool breeze that sings a lullaby for me

Kallu vaaalchi ennalaindoo
How long has it been since you slept?

Naavente ninthyam nedai sagepadam...aayuvantha thoduthundo
The feet that always moves with me like a shadow...will that accompany me all my life?

|| Maate rani mounam ||

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