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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Jabilli Nuvve Song Lyrics Translation From NTR Ramayya Vastavayya

Movie: Ramayya Vasthavayya
Cast : Jr N.T.R., Samantha, Shruthi Hassan
Director : Harish Shankar
Producer : Dil Raju
Music : S.S. Thaman
Singer : Ranjit

Jabilli nuvve Song Meaning In English 

Saga ma pa ma pa ma pa gare (2)
Gare sare sare nesa saresa (2)

Jabilli nuve cheppamma...nuve cheppama
O dearly convience her

Ee pille vinadam ledhamma...abbe vinadhamma
This lady is not listening to me

Oh chukka nuvve chudamma...nuvve chudamma...Me akka ni matadinchamma
O twinkling star...have a look at what’s going on...Make your sister talk to us

Meghala painundi...ostara osari...Raagale thiyyanga...thiyyaga
Would you both(Moon & Star) descend from the celestial skies as I sing melodiously

Chirugalai ammayi...uyyalai ee reyi...Jo lali paadali haayiga
My lady as a gentle breeze and this lovely night as a swing...sing a lullaby soothingly

|| Saga ma pa ||

|| Jabilli nuve cheppamma ||

Nalupekkina mabbulona...naludhikkula o moolaina
Kalle..merupalle thulle...thulle
Among these darkened a corner of the all the directions...eyes are shining joyfully

Vadagalula vesavi lo na
Chala challaga o naadaina...challe..chinukulne challe...challe
Among these warm breezes of summer, a day of coolness would sprinkle rain drops on us

Pranamkana preminche ni valu unnare
You have dear ones who love you more than their lives

Aanandam andinchi...andhale chindale
Happiness should be bestowed and beauty should be spread

Aa paina unnolu...theepaina manavalu
The people up in the heaven are our loved ones

Adigedi nee navvule
All they are asking for is your smile

Chiru navvu navvav ante...porapatani evarantare
Who would point it as a mistake if you smile?

Pitta...navve vodhante...etta
O little bird how can you not smile?

Saradhaga kaasepunte...sari kaadhani debbedevare
If you spend some time cheerfully...who would deny it saying that it’s wrong?

Itta...istava vaari chitta
Can you give me the list of all those who are finding fault with you?

Komma remma...rammante  netho ocheyva
Anything would come along with you...even the twigs and branches of a tree

Kaaramga maaramga korinde icheyva
Wouldn't you give them all that they want

Nee thoti chuttu unnaru
People who are not with you are around you

Kallara osari choodave
Just Have a look

|| Saga ma pa ||

|| Jabilli nuve cheppamma ||

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