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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Inka Cheppale Inka Lyrics Translation from Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu(SVSC)

Movie Name : Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu
Music : Mickey J Meyer
Lyricist : Ananth Sriram
Singer : Rahul Nambiar, Shweta Pandit 

Inka cheppaale Song Meaning In English 

Oho o abbayi nekai o ammayi
Untundoi vethukomanannare
Saying that for every man a girl is destined...I was asked to go in search for her

Indarilo elage aina nenilage
Nee jaadani kanukkuntu vachane
In this huge crowd of swarming people, I finally found you, following the trace of yours

Vethike panilo nuvunte eduruchoopai nenunna
Neeke jathaga avalani
As you were in the quest for me...I was waiting to be your companion for life

Inka cheppale inka inka ennenno cheppalinka
Nuvve cheppali inka cheppinka (2)
I have so much to say...many more to talk have to tell many such things...let the words flow

|| Oho o abbayi  ||

Memu puttinde asalu meekosam antarila
kalavadam kosam inthala iravai ella
It is said that we(girls) are born for you(boys)...then why do we have to wait so long to meet you?

Emi chesthave meeku mem baga nachenthala
Maaradam kosam ellu gadavale ella
What can we(boys) do? For you to like us...we have to transform ourselves to be worthy enough for you(girls)...and for all this it will take time

Anthoddoi hyrana nachestarettunna mee abbayile maaku
Do not worry so much...we(girls) will like you the way you are

Ade ade thelusthu undhe
Ya ya it is evident from your behaviour

|| Inka cheppale ||  

Memu pommante entha saradara meeka kshanam
meeru veluthunte needa la vastham venaka
When we(girls) ask you(boys) to leave, it is a moment of amusement to you...coz...when you leave, we would follow you all along like your shadow

Memu mundosthe meeku em thoyyadu le idi nijam
Alagadam kosam karanam undadhu ganaka
It is true that you don’t know what to do when we arrive in you(girls) will not have any reason to argue with us(get angry with me)

Manchollu mondollu kalipesthe abbayilu makosam digochaaru
Combination of kind-hearted and hard minded is what you boys have stepped down for us

Ade ade ala anoddhe
There is no need to say all that now

|| Inka cheppale || 


  1. awesome song...<3

  2. wow. grt. song. 1. of. my. fav

  3. Thanks...this is great...very helpful site for people like me who don't know Telugu but love Telugu movies n songs

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