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Monday, 9 September 2013

Chilipiga Chusthavala Lyrics Translation From Orange

Movie : Orange
Music : Harris Jayraj
Lyrics : Vanamali
Singer : Karthik

Chilipiga Chustavala Song Meaning In English

 Chilipiga choosthavala...penavesthavila ninne aapedhelaa 
You look at me mischievously...and gradually entwine can I hold you back (restrain u)?

Chivariki nuvve ala vesthaave vala neetho vegedhelaa
Finally you're the one who entraps can I put up with you?

O premaa kannulo vaale roju yentho bagundhani kala
Oh Love...It was a beautiful dream as you peacefully rested in my eyes

Konnale andham gaa vuristhondhi aapai chedekhuthondhila
It will tempt you pleasingly only for a while...and in due course it becomes undesirable/dreadful

Kada dhaaka preminche dhaaredho polchedhelaa
How can I compare the paths that lead to everlasting love?

||Chilipiga choosthavala||

Ninne ila cheragaa...maate maarchi maaye cheyyalaa
When I eventually approached it fair to change your words and deceive me?

Nanne ika nannugaa...preminchani premelaa
What should I do with the love...that doesn't love me for what I am

Oopire aagedhaaka...yedho oka thodu vundalaa
Till my last my companion for life

Nanninthagaa vurinchesthu...allesthondhe nee sankelaa
By tempting me like are taking me under your control

Konchamu madhuramu...konchamu virahamu...
Inthalo nuvvu narakam
Little of sweetness...little of agony...and you turn into hell

Konchamu swargamu...konchamu shanthamu...g
onthulo jaaru garalam
Little of heaven...little of like a poison passing through my throat

Konchamu paruvamu...koncham pranayamu...gundene koyu gaayam
Little of juvenility...little of love...Is like a wound that hurts my heart

Konchamu maunamu...koncham gaanamu...e
ndhuki indhrajaalam
Little of silence...little of music...Why this magic over me?

Innaluga saagina..prema nunchi verai potthunna
I am getting separated from the love which lasted till now

Malli maro gundetho...sneham kori veluthunna
I am going in search of another heart to be my companion

Premane dhaaham theerche...saayam kosam vechaanilaa
I'm waiting for a hope...which will quench my thirst for love

Okko kshanam aa santhosham...naatho paatu sage dhela elaa
How will that happiness continue with me every second?

||Chilipiga choosthavala||

||Konchamu madhuramu|| 

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