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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Arere Arere Song Lyrics Translation From Jabardasth

Song : Arere Arere
Movie :  Jabardast
Music : S.S Thaman
Lyrics : Shreshta
Singer : Nitya Menon

Ninnila Ne Chustunte Song Meaning In English

Sunasuna sa alage din abhi abhi
Sunisuni raathome dham gute
O sajnaave o thu na aave ditarusaave
Sunasuna saalage din abhi abhi
Sunisuni raathome dham gute o sajnaave
Thute dilko koyi samjaave is pyaaru nahi davaave
Pyaaru kyaa jeena

Ninnila ne chusthu unna rojilage kalusukunna
Though I keep watching you, though I meet you daily

Gundelo ee alajadento kothaga
Still...there is a mystical excitement in my heart

Arere arere ento ee varasey...Kalige kalige naalo nee valaney
I do not know why is it this way...You are the reason for this excitement in me

Enduko kalavaram theliyade anukshanam
Why do I always keep thinking about you?

Inthalone emito ee paravasam
Instantly I am thrilled by all this

Ontiga nilavatam nannu ne maravatam
I started being alone...I started forgetting myself

Anthuleni asalanni nee vasam
All my boundless desires are yours

|| Ninnila ne  ||

Oohalone teluthunna oosulenno cheppukunna
I am gliding in your thoughts...I am talking to myself

Naalo nene navvuthunna vinthaga
Strangely...I am smiling within me

Ninnilaa...ninnilaa...ninnila this way

Parugide eedukilaa taguvule pettakalaa edi teliyanatte
Do not start a argument with the restless tender age of mine, acting innocent

Chuputho thadimi ala asale repave
With a glance you have aroused desire in me

Naa soyagale uyyalaloopi oorinchindi chaalle
Swaying my have tempted me enough

Niddatlo doori usedo cheppi dagunte ela
You have invaded my sleep and...conveyed a message and hid yourself

Telusule nee aatalanni nesthama
I know all your pranks dear

|| Sunasuna sa lage ||

Atu itu chusthune adugule vesthunte itta eduru vachi
As I am walking...looking appeared before me

Chatuga laagave chempane gillave
You secretly pulled me aside and tweaked my cheek

O muddu petti loloni maate ila aapi vese
With a kiss you have suppressed the words of mine

Nee kougilinthe nannannallukunte ela thuntari...Chinnaboda chindu lese prayame
If the embrace of yours entwines me o boy...Wouldn't my cheerful life be calmed down?

|| Ninnila ne ||


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