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Friday, 23 August 2013

Vintunnava Lyrics Translation From Em Maya Chesave

Movie: Em Maya Chesave
Music: A.R Rehman
Lyrics: Ananth Sriram
Singers: Shreya Ghosal, Karthik

Vintunnava Song Meaning in English

Palukulu nee pere taluchukunna
Though the words I speak, remind me of your name

Pedavula anchullo anuchukunna
I have restrained it at the tips of my lips

...nee madini bandhinchaa...manninchu priya
With my silence I have seized your heart...forgive me

Tarime varma
O...chasing boon

Tadime swarama
O...heart touching melody

Idigo ee janma needani antunna
I am saying that my life is all yours

Are you listening?


Vinna vevela vee
nala...santoshala gundaello ippude vintunna
I heard the music of innumerable veenas playing in my heart...I heard

olisari nee matallo...pulakintala padanisalu vinna
I heard for the first time...the thrill of harmony in your voice(words)...I heard

Chalu chale cheliya cheliya
...bratikundagane pilupulu nenu vinna
Dear...this is enough for my life...I heard lovely words of yours while I am still alive

I don’t know what will happen

Y choosuko
Whatever may take care of it

iduvanu ninne inkapaina...vintunnava priya
rom now on... I will never part from you...are you listening?... sweet heart

aalilo tellakaagitam la...nenala teliyadutunte
As I was gliding in the air like a piece of white  paper

anne aapi nuvve vrasina...a patlane vintunna
You stopped me and wrote all those songs which I am listening now


adyantam yedo anubhooti...anavaratam ila andinchedi
A boon that lets you experience the bliss for the first time

Gaganam kanna munupatidi
It’s older than the sky

Bhootalam kanna venukatidee
It existed even before the earth came into existence

Kalamtona puttindi.. kaalamla mare manase lenidi prema !
t was born with time...yet it doesn’t change with’s love!!

a ila...kougillalo...ninnu dachukunta
Come...I will hide you in my embrace

Nee daninai ninne daari chesukuntaa
I will become yours...part of you

Yevarini kaluvani chotulalona
At places where nobody ever met

Yevarini taluvani velalona
In times where nobody thinks of any one


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