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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Idedo Bagunde/ Katuka Kallanu Lyrics Translation - Mirchi

Movie : Mirchi
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Ramajogayya Sastry
Singers : Vijay Prakash ,  Anitha

Katuka kallanu/Idedo Bagunde Song Meaning In English

Kaatuka kallanu chusthe pothunde mathi pothunde
Looking at your beautiful eyes(detailed with kajal) is making me go crazy

Chaatuga nadumunu chusthe pothunde mathi pothunde
Sneaking a glance at your sensuous waistline is making me go crazy

Ghaatuga pedavulu chusthe pothunde mathi pothunde
Noticing your striking lips is making me go crazy

Raatuga sogasulu chusthe pothunde mathi pothunde
Gazing at your alluring charm is making me go crazy

Lateu ga  intha andanni chusane anipisthunde
Seems like I have missed  such a beauty for so long

Naa manase nee vaipu vosthunde
My  heart is drawn towards you

Idedo bagunde cheli
All of this is just awesome

Idenaa premante mari
Is this called love?

Nee mathi pogoduthunte nakento saradagunde
It’s really fun making you go crazy for me

Aashalu repeduthunte nakento saradagunde
It’s really fun provoking your feelings about me

Ninnu ila alladisthe nakento saradagunde
It’s really fun annoying you so much

Andanga noru uriste nakento saradagunde
It’s really fun tempting you like this

Nee kastam chusthu andam ayyayyo anukuntune
I feel sorry  for troubling you so much

Eelage inkasepu antunde
But still...I want this to go on :P

Idedo bagunde mari
All of this is just awesome

Ide premanukunte sari
Let’s call this love

Telusukuntava telupamantava
Will you find out or you want me to disclose

Manasu anchullo niluchunna naa kalani
My dream that’s resting at the brim of my soul

Eduru chusthunna eduta ne unna
I am waiting...standing before you

Badulu dorikettu  palikinchu nee swaranni
Let your voice answer all my questions

Vela gonthullona moginde mounam...Nuvvu unna chote nenani
Silence is ringing in thousands of expressions saying that I am where ever you are

Chusi chudangane chepinde pranam, nenu needanni ayipoyanani
The moment I saw you, my life has decided that I am all yours

|| Idedo ||

Tharachi chusthune tharagadantunna...t
haluku varnala nee menu poolagani
My beholding you will not reduce the radiant shades of your embodiment

Naligipothune veligipothunna
Though I am exhausted...I am glowing for you

Thanivi thiretu sandhinchu chupulanni
Direct your gaze towards me until your heart’s fill

Kanti reppalu rendu pedavulla mari
Both my eye-lids have transformed into lips

Ninne thinesthamannaye
Ready to savor all of you

Nedo repo ani thappadu ga mari
I can’t hold it back saying now or later

Neekosam edaina sare
As I can do any anything for you


  1. Thanks a lot I don't understand Telugu, though I regularaly listening Telugu songs and it is one of those.

    Thanks once again.

  2. Superb work, please continue,maybe also look at giving para wise meaning, rather than line wise ... ur wish mate.

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  4. Actually i love telugu girl.. she is become my wife as well. . But im from tamilnadu. . Its helps me to impress her... thank you for your great work

  5. This has become my favorite song, since I watched Bahubali.

  6. This has become my favorite song, since I watched Bahubali.

    1. please make hindi version of this songs please

    2. For me as well. I'm listening to it and watching it daily

    3. Same here.. I have watched it 100 times atleast 😘😘😘

  7. I am in love with prabhas

  8. anyone please help.. i want this idedo bagunde songs in hindi verson lyrics. please help someone..

  9. Who is watching this after watching bahubali 2?

    1. I'm watching it daily

    2. A friend recommended me this movie after I fell in love with Prabhaas after Bahubali2. Totally worth it, especially this song. Prabhaas, Anushka and katappa (sorry I don't remember his real name) make a great team ��

    3. Am in love with prabhas
      And mirchi is 1 of my favourite movies
      Other than bahubali 1 &2
      Also rebel is just awesome

    4. Katappa's real name SatyaRaj

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I just love u prabhas...... :-)

    1. Yeah me too. I am watching all his movies. Don't care if they are hit or flop.

  11. Now it's becomes one of my favourite songs... please help me with the Hindi version...

  12. Plzz..add some more famous Telugu songs... n thnx fr this 1..��

  13. Am watching this song atleast 4-5 times a day without any miss
    Just in love wid prabhas

  14. no he is my boyfriend.. :P so plzz door hato.

  15. M in love with prabhas and idedo bangude song..thanks for translating this song in english..pls pls pls help me out with hindi version also..

  16. I love to listen this song continously..

  17. Idhedho bagundhe song is my most favorite song. So it's hindi version also

    1. Idhedho bagundhe song lyrics in Hindi translation

  18. Idhedho bagundhe song is my most favorite song. So it's hindi version also

  19. Oh !his gaze at abysmal is killing...what an expression.I like nail paint scene most

  20. Nice song with nice lyrics .....

  21. Now I understand this song. Thank you for translating it.

  22. Now I understand this song. Thank you for translating it.

  23. It's really good song ..thanks for translation ..but I want this song in Hindi version can i please make hindi translation of this song...

  24. Though I dont understand a single word of Telugu, I like this song.
    Until I saw this translation, all I understood about this song was Prabhas and Anushka's cute chemistry !!
    Thank you for the translation.

  25. Thank you. It helped me a lot.

  26. Awwww!!! Idedu Bagunde Chali <3 :-* i <3 Pranuska & also dis song.

  27. Wonderful song..I love it

  28. All time my favorite song darling idedu baagunde chali darling di favorite song love you darling.

  29. All time my favorite 😍😍😍😍😍 love you darling 😘😘😘😘😘😘.


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