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Monday, 26 August 2013

Evvare Nuvvu Lyrics Traslation - Raju Bhai

Movie : Raju Bhai
Music : Yuvan Shanker Raja
Lyrics : Ramajogayya Shastri
Singers : Harish Raghavendra

Evvare Nuvvu Song Meaning In English

I think i am in love with you
Nah nah...well i have been thinking about you
May be i am in love with you
I don't know what i am doing...coz i really don't know...don't know

Evvare nuvvu nanu kadipavu
Who are you o lady? You moved my heart

Nee lokam loki laagavu
You drew me into your world

Kannulu moosi teriche logaa naa pranam nuvvai poyavu
Before i could even open my eyes, you became my life

Telavarindi le lemmantu velugedho chupavo 
Saying that its morning to wake up, you showed me the light

Naku o mansundantoo teliseela chesavu
You  made me realize that I too have a heart

Merupalle kalisavu maimarupe itchavu
You met me like a thunder and left me mesmerized

Nilone kalipaavu
You drew me into yourself

|| Evvare||

Etu chusina em chesina ae darilo adugesina 
wherever i see, whatever i do, wherever i step

Naluvaipulaa nakedurea unda mainaa mainaa
I can only see you all around

Ee mobbu lo dogadina ae hayilo teladina 
Be it sailing on a cloud or floating with relief

Nakintha ga anandam undaa ninna monna 
Did i experience this happiness previously?

Evvarikaina ae eda kaina premalo padithe inthena
Does this happen to all those who fall in love?

Avunani kunna kadanu kunna anukonidhe jarigindhi ga 
Though we accept it or not, the unexpected has happened

Na theeru thennu maruthondi gaa
My way and my thoughts are changing

|| Evvare||


Adi na devata
She's my Angel


Cheli choopulo chiru gayamai mali choopulo matumayamai
Hurting me gently with a glimpse and soothing me with another glimpse

Tholiprema ga nae modalavuthunna kalale kannna
I started dreaming about It’s turning into my first love

Na swasa lo thanu linamai na ninna la ni soonyamai
As she blended into my breath, all my yesterdays summed up to nothing

Ee jeevitham cheli kosam annaa evare mannaa
I dedicated my life to her, irrespective of what others say

Ekkadi nenu ekkadunnanu chaala dooram nadichanu
Where am I? I have walked a long distance

Theeyani digulai padivunnanu cheli lenide batikedalaa
I am longing for can i live without her.

Ae vupirinaa vutthi gaali le
Without her, Even this breath is just air (valueless)

|| Evvare||

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