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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Vennela Vennela Song Lyrics Translation From Premadesam

Movie :  Prema Desam
Music : A.R Rehman
Lyrics : Bhuvana Chandra
Singers : Unni Krishnan , Mano

Vennela Vennela Song Meaning In English

Vennela Vennela mellaga raave poovula thenele theve
Oh moon arrive gently  accompanied by the nectar from the flowers

|| Vennela||

Kadali vodilo nadhulu vodigi nidura poye vela
It is the time when rivers cuddle and sleep in the lap of the sea

Kanula paina kalale vaali solipoyevela
It is the time when dreams touch the eyes and drift off

|| Vennela||

Aasha ennadu viduvadha
Never losing hope

Adagaradhani teliyadaa
Knowing that it is not to be asked

Naa pranam cheliyaa neeve le
My love…you are my life

Viragaboosina vennela
Oh full bloomed moon

Vadili veyake nannila
Don’t go by leaving me like this

Raaradhaa yedha neede kadaa
Come to me…all my heart is yours

Niduraniche jabili niduralekha neeve paadinaava
Moon which induces it you who is singing unable to sleep?

|| Vennela ||

Manchu theralo alisipoyi madhura sandhya thookene
The tired twilight is sleeping covered with the blanket of snow

Pudami vodilo kallalu kantu paapayi nuv nidurapo
Baby...sleep in the lap of the nature (earth) having lovely dreams

Malle andham maguvakeruka
A girl knows the beauty of a flower (Jasmine)

Manasu badha teliyadaa
Doesn't she know the pain that a heart feels for her?

Gunde ninda voosule ni edutanunte mouname
My heart is filled with untold feelings for you...but it falls silent when I am with you

Jola paata padina ne niduralekha paadina
I am singing this lullaby for the one who has stolen my sleep

|| Vennela||

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