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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nuvve Na Swasa Lyrics Translation From Okariki Okaru

Movie : Okariki Okaru
Music : M. M Keeravani
Lyrics : Chandra Bose
Singers : Shreya Goshal

Nuvve Na Swasa Song Meaning In English

Nuvve na swaasa, manasuna neekai abhilasha
You are the essence of my life, it’s only you that my heart desires

Brathukina neethone, chitikina neethone
My life is with you, and so will be my death

Vetikedi neninnenani cheppalani chinni asha
I wish to tell you that all I seek is you

O priyathama...o priyathama 
O my love...o my love


Puvullo parimalanni, parichayame chesavu
You have introduced me to the sweet scent of flowers

Tharallo merupulanni dositilo nimapvu
You have given the sparkling of the stars

Mabbullo chinukulanni manasulona kuripinchavu
You have showered my heart with the rain from the clouds

Navvullo navalokanni, namunde nilipinavuga
You have presented me the entire world in your smile

Ee gnapakalanni, ye janma lo naina, Ne maruvalenani neetho chepalani, chinni asha
I wish to tell you that these memories are unforgettable even in my next life

O priyathama...o priyathama 
O my love...o my love


Suryunitho pamputhunna anuragapu kiranani
I am sending the rays of my affection with the sun

Gallulatho pamputhuna aaradhana raganni
I am sending the symphony of my admiration with the breeze

Yerulatho pamputhunna aaratapu pravahanni
I am sending the stream of enthusiasm with the rivulets

Darulatho pamputhuna alupu eragani hrudaya layalani
I am sending you the tireless hear beats of mine with the pathways

Ye chota nuvvunna, ne korake chustuna
Where ever you are, my quest is for you

Na prema sandesham vini vasthavani, chinni asha
Hoping you would return after hearing the expression of my love

O priyathama...o priyathama
O my love...o my love

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