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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Choti Choti Baatein Song Lyrics Translation From Maharshi

Movie: Maharshi
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Sri Mani
Singer: Devi Sri Prasad

Choti Choti Baatein Meaning In English

Choti choti choti choti choti choti baatein
Meeti meeti meeti meeti meeti meeti yaadein ||2||
These little things…those sweet memories

O parichayam eppudu chinnadey
Ee chelimikey kaalamey chaaladey
Beginning of a friendship is always short
Once established…it’s beyond the measurement of time

Enno vela kathalu…Arey inko katha modhalu ||2||
There are many stories of friendship…and here goes an another one

|| Choti choti ||

Aata laaga paata laaga…Nerchukunte raanidantha
Friendship is something that cannot be learnt like a song or dance

Snehamante emitante…Pusthakalu cheppaleni paatam antaa
Friendship is a lesson not taught in books

Korukunte cheradhanta…Vaddu antey velladhanta
Friendship cannot be controlled…it doesn’t reach us or leave us at our will

Nesthamantey emitantey…Kannavaallu ivvaleni aasthenanta
Friendship is a precious property that is not inherited from parents

Isthu neekai praanam…Panchisthu thana abhimanam
Friendship gives you life and shares love

Neelo prathi ontari tharunam…Cheripesthuuuu
It erases the lonely moments

Enno vela kathalu…Arey inko katha modhalu ||2||
There are many stories of friendship…and here goes an another one

|| Choti choti ||

Gurthulevi leni naadu…Brathikinattu gurthuraadhe
With age as our memory diminishes…we don’t even remember that we have lived a life

Thiyyanaina gnaapakaallaa…Gundelona acchayevi savasale
But friendship stories are imprinted in our hearts as sweet memories

Bhaadhalevi leni naadu…Navvukaina viluvundadhey
If there are no worries in life…there is no value for smile

Kallalona kanneellunnaa…Pedavullo navvu cheragadhey…Sneham Valle
Even though eyes are filled with tears…with friendship, the smile on the lips does not vanish

Nee kashtam thanadanukuntu…Nee kalane thanadhiga kantu
Nee gelupuni maathram neeke vadilesthuuuuu
Friendship owns your hardships…it shares your dream
But without taking any credit…it endows the success to you

Enno vela kathalu…Arey inko katha modhalu ||2||
There are many stories of friendship…and here goes an another one

|| Choti choti ||

Monday, 29 April 2019

Priyathama Priyathama Song Lyrics Translation From Majili

Movie: Majili
Music: Gopi Sunder
Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad
Singer: Chinmayi Sriprada

Priyathama Song Meaning In English

Priyathama Priyathama…Palikinadhi hrudhyame sarigama
My dear…My heart is singing for you

Chilipi nee thalapulo…Telisinadhi valupulo madhurimaa
In your thoughts…I experienced the sweetness of love

Cheli choopu thaakinaa…Ulakavaa palakavaa
Though my glances are touching you…you are not responding

Vala vesi vechi choosthunnaa…Dhorakaney dhorakavaa
Though I have laid a trap for you…you are not being caught

Istamaina sakhudaa …Istamaina sakhudaa…Okkasaari choodaraa pilladaa
You are the one I like…just look at me once

Chakkanaina chukkaraa…Chakknaina chukkaraa…Ninnu korukundiraa sundaraa
Am a beautiful lady…I am in love with you oh handsome!

|| Priyathama Priyathama ||

Nee premalo aaradhanai…Ney nindugaa munigaakaa
I Am totally immersed in the admiration of your love

Neekosame raasaanugaa…Naa kallatho priya lekha
I have composed a love letter with my eyes

Cheruno cheradho…Teliyadhu aa kaanukaa
I don’t know if that letter will reach you or not

Aashaney veedaka…Venaka padenu manasupadina manasey
Without losing the hope…my heart is following it

|| Istamaina sakhudaa ||

Unnaanila untaanilaa…Nee needagaa kadadhaakaa
I am and will be with you till the end of life, like a shadow

Kaneetilo kaartheekapoo…Dheepaanniraa nuvvuleka
Without you, am a lamp filled with tears

Dhoorame bhaaramai…Kadhaladhu naa jeevitham
This distance is being a burden to me…its ceasing the progress of my life

Neevu naa cheruvai Nilichi masalu…Madhura kshanamulepudo
When you are with me…am surrounded by sweet memories

|| Priyathama Priyathama ||

|| Istamaina sakhudaa ||

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Nuvve Samastham Song Lyrics Translation From Maharshi (2019)

Movie: Maharshi (2019)
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Sree Mani
Singer: Yazin Nizar

Nuvve Samastham Song Meaning In English

Nuvve Samastham…Nuvve Siddhaantham
You are Everything…You are the Universal Principle

Nuve Nee Pantham…Nuvvele Anantham
You are strong willed…you are infinite

Prathi Nisi Masai, Neelo Kase Disai…Adugesey Missilelu La
Prathi Shakham Shatham, Prathi Yugam Yugam… Nee Pere Vinenthala
Slaying out the darkness, Take a step in the direction of your passion like a missile…So that every era echoes your name

Gelupu Nee Ventey Padelaaa
Success follows you

|| Nuvve Samastham ||

Needoka Margam Anithara Saadhyam…Needoka Parvam Shikharapu Garvam
Your path is highly impossible to follow…your story has the glory of a mountain peak

Nudutana Raase Raathanu…Thelipe Lipine Chadivuntaavu
You might have studied the script of fate

Nee Thalaraathanu…Sonthaga Nuvve Raasukupothunnaavu
You are designing your own destiny

Otami Bhayame Unnodevadoo…Odani Rujuve Nuvvu…Gelupuke Sontham Ayyaavu
You are the proof of the one who never lost fearing failure…Success owned you

|| Nuvve Samastham ||

Bhavithaku Mundhe…Gathame Undhe
There is past before future

Gathamokanaadu…Choodani Bhavithe
Past was also a future before we experienced it

Ninnati Neeku Repati Neeku…Teda Vethikesthavu
You always differentiate between the ‘Past You’ and ‘Future You’, trying to improve yourself

Marpunukuda Maarlantu…Teerpe Isthuntavu
You are ordering the change to change itself

Emileni Kshaname…Anni Nerpina Guruvantavu
The moment where we have nothing is the teacher that taught us everything

Gelupuke Kathala Maaravu
You turned into a story of success

|| Nuvve Samastham ||

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