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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Gaali Vaaluga Song Lyrics Translation From Agnyaathavaasi (PSPK25)

Movie: Agnyaathavaasi
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry
Singer: Anirudh Ravichander

Gaali Vaaluga Song Meaning In English

Gaali vaaluga o gulabi vaali…Gaayamainadhee naa gundeki thagili
Swerving along the direction of wind, A rose touched and wounded my heart

Thapinchipona…prathi kshanam Ilaaga nee kosam… Tharinchi pona…cheli ila dorikithe nee sneham
Every second, I will be longing for you this way… I will be elated if I gain your friendship

Yem chesave mabbulanu puvvullo thadipi thene jadilo munchesave
What magic have you created upon me? You damped the clouds in flowers and dunked them in honey

Gaalulaku gandham raasi paiki visuruthaave
You smeared sandalwood paste to winds and hurled them towards sky

Yem chusthave merupu chura katthulni dhoosi paduchu yedhalo dinchesave
You look at me flashing those sword like eyes that pierced into my heart

Thalapune thunakalu chesi Thapana penchuthaave
You shatter my thoughts and increase my yearning

Nadiche harivilla nanu nuvvilla guripeduthunte yela… Anuvanuvuna vila vila manadha praanam niluvella
Oh walking rainbow! Why are you targeting me this way? Won’t every part of my body throb with pain?

Nilu nilu nilu nilabadu pilla…Gaalipatamla yegarake alla…Sukumari sogasunala Ontariga vodhalaala…Choosthene
Stand steadily my girl! Do not fly away like a kite…Can’t let go the charm of this beauty If you look at her

|| Gaali Vaaluga ||

Kora kora kopamela chura chura choopulela…Manohari maadipona, antha udikisthe
Why so much angrer? Why are you looking at me with fierce eyes?…won’t I be scorched in the heat of your fury?

Arey ani jaalipadavem paapam kadhe preyasi…Sare ani challabadave osi pisachi
Why don’t you take pity on me my dear? Why don’t you cool down a bit my little devil?

Uhu alaa thippukuntu thoolipoke oorvasi…Aho alaa navvuthaave meesam melesi
You walk like an angel and laugh stroking your mustache

Yennaallinka oorike oohallo untav penki pilla
How long will you be in your own imaginations o stubborn girl

Chaalle inka maanuko mundhu venaka choosukoni pantham
It’s enough! Put aside your adamancy

Aalochiddham chakkaga koorchoni charichiddham chaalu yuddham
Let’s sit together, think and discuss…let’s put an end to this war

Raajikoddham koddhiga kalisosthe neekemitantha kashtam
Let’s compromise, may be it will work out…why do you have a problem with that?

|| Nadiche harivilla ||

|| Gaali Vaaluga ||


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