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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Adiga Adiga Song Lyrics Translation From Ninnu Kori

Movie: Ninnu Kori
Music: Gopi Sunder
Lyrics: Srijo
Singer: Sid Sriram

Adiga Adiga Song Meaning In English

Adiga adiga yedhalo layanadiga
I have asked the pounding beats of my heart

Kadhile kshanama cheli yedhani
Oh passing time…where is my dear one?

Nanne maricha thana perune thalicha
Forgetting myself…I am constantly reciting her name

Madheene adiga thana oosedhani
I asked my heart, where she is

Nuvve leni nannu oohinchalenu
I cannot imagine myself without you

Na prathi oohalonu vethikithe manakathe
Every thought of mine is about our tale of love

Neelone unna ninnu kori unna
I am in you…wishing for you

Nijamai nadhicha jathaga
As the truth…am not walking alone

Gundelothullo undhi nuvvega
You are in the depths of my heart

Na sagame na jagame nuvvega
You are a part of me and my whole world

Nee snehame nannu nadipe swaram
Your friendship is the melody that keeps me going

Ninu cheraga aagiponi payanam…Alupe leni gamanam
Let this tireless journey end when I reach you

|| Adiga adiga ||

||Nuvve leni ||


  1. Thanks for your translation for this so meaningfull lyrics

  2. Please translation "Hey Badhulu Cheppave" Song Lyrics from "Ninnu kori" as well!!!

  3. awesome lyrics thanks for the translation luv this song one of my favorites


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