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Friday, 5 May 2017

Hamsa Naava Song Lyrics Translation From Baahubali 2

Movie: Baahubali 2
Music: MM Keeravani
Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad
Singers: Sony, Deepu

Hamsa Naava Song Meaning In English

Orrori raaja veeradhi veera ||2||
Neethone nenu undipona
O King! O brave one!
I will be with you

Endhaka nuvvu vellali anna...Andhaka nennu kooda raana
Where ever you wanna go...I will come along with you

Haayaina hamsa naavalona
Neegali sokuthunte paina
Mecchindhile devasena
In this placid elegant ship that resembles a swan
With your breath touching me
This Devasena is very much pleased!

Ne nee yedhapai...vishaala ‘Veera Bhoomi’ pai…vasinchanaa
I will rest on your on your broad chest, which replicates ‘land of brave’

Ne nee valapai...varala maalikai…vaalana
I will reach you as your love, as a godsend garland

Neelo ragile...parakramaala jwaalanai...hasinchanaa
I will be alive like the raging flames of your valor

Ninne geliche...sukhaala kheliloo...thelanaa
I will glide in a joyous sport to win you

Ekantha kantha mandhirana
Nee moha bahu bhandhanana...Noorellu bhandhini kaana
In a solitary chamber of this beautiful lady
I will be a captive for hundreds of years in the embrace of your strong hands

||Orrori raja||


  1. Love this song :)

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