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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Motta Modatisari Song Lyrics Song Translation From Bale Bale Mogadivoy

Movie: Bale Bale Mogadivoy
Music: Gopi Sunder
Lyrics: Rama Jogayya Sastry
Singers: Sachin Warrier


 Motta Modhatisari Song Meaning In English

Sa Sa Pa Ma Pa Sa Sa 
Sa Sa Pa Ma Pa Sa Sa
Pa Pa Ni Ni Pa Ma Ga Ma Pa Ma 

Motta Modati sari Patta Pagativela...Eduraindi Chandama
For the first time...on this bright sunny day...I have met this moon

He Ila Charadesi Kallaa...Gundello Guchchukunna Mullaa
Are those her beautiful eyes? Or the thorns that are stinging my heart dearly

Oho ho Hey Ila Puvvanti Pedala...Na swasanape Bangaru Banala
Are they her delicate lips resembling flowers? Or golden arrows that cease my breath

|| Sa Sa Pa Ma Pa Sa Sa ||

|| Motta Modati Sari ||

Oh Oh Oh ...Madu Mantram Chavi Chustunna
I am experiencing the sweetness of her honey like chants

Oh Oh Oh ...Mara Yantram aipotunna
For her...I am turning in to a robotic machine

Aduge Nanu vaddanna Paruge Ika Aagena
Though my step restricts me...I wouldn’t stop running for her

Idivarakati Nenena Ila Unna
Was I like this before? I am this way now

Nalo Premanu Nee kanu kivvaga... Arey Chetulanto Molichenu Poo vanam
As I gifted you the love in my heart...A garden of flowers springed up in my palms

Nee vallane cheli ...Na Gunde lotulo...O pala punta pelina Sambaram
Its coz of you my the depths of my heart...I sense the joy of milky way explosion

|| Sa Sa Pa Ma Pa Sa Sa ||

|| Motta Modati Sari ||

Oh Oh Oh ...Kanureppala Dochili Chacha
I am spreading out my eye lids for you

Oh Oh Oh ...Kalaloki Ninne Pilicha
Inviting you to enter my dream world

Toli Choopuna Premincha...Mali Choopuna Manasichcha
I loved you at the first sight...gave you my heart in the second sight

Niduraki Ika Selavicha...Nee Sakshiga
I let go my your presence

Parichayame O paravasamai...Nanu Padamande ne needaga
Our meeting has turned into a jubilation...asking me to follow you like your shadow

Na Jata Sagamai Repati Varamai...Nuvvuntava Na Toduga
Being my better half...being my good fortune of future...will you be my companion?

|| He Ila Charadesi Kallaa ||

|| Sa Sa Pa Ma Pa Sa Sa ||

|| Motta Modati Sari ||

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