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Friday, 25 September 2015

Nuvve Nuvve Song Lyrics Translation From Kick 2

Movie: Kick 2
Music: SS Thamman
Lyrics: Varikuppala Yadagiri
Singers: Jonita Gandhi, Thaman

Nuvve Nuvve Song Meaning In English

Ee thene kalladhi premallo paddadhi
This charming lady with honey colored eyes is in love

Ee prema lona vodi ninnu...Malli malli gelavadaanikantu
Saying that she is losing this love  only to win you again and again

Neeku needa laaga saaguthunnadhey
She is following you like your shadow

Pranaalu veedani nenaagiponani
I wouldn’t stop even if my soul departs from me

Aa kallalona choopullona aashallona shvasallona...Dhehamantha prema rangu pusukunnadhi
She has smeared the color of love in her eyes, glances, desires and breath...all over her

Nuvve nuvve praanam prapancham
You are my world

Nuvve nuvve dhyanam prayaanam
You are my deepest longest journey

Nuvve nuvve mounam oo nestham
O dear are my silence

Nuvve nadipe kaalam
You are the time that makes me move

Nuvve nuvve sainyam...naa kosam
You are an army...for me

Nuvve nuvve samaram...naalona
You are the battle...inside me

Nuvve nuvve ayudham oo nestham
Dear companion, you are my weapon

Nuvve dhorike vijayam
You are my victory

|| Ee thene kalladhi ||

Nuvvuga oodalani nenuga gelavaalani korike nannila tharimindhani ||2||
A strong desire is chasing me...that you should lose the indifference towards me and that I should win your love
Premante inthe mari...Dhaivam la thudhi lenidhi
This is called’s like divinity...infinite

Aa dhivam unte naalonu...navante ninne nadipinchadha
If that divinity exists in would lead you towards me

|| Nuvve nuvve praanam ||

|| Ee thene kalladhi ||

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  1. thnx for translation Mr/Mrs................please can u translate surya vs surya telugu film songs and yevade Subramanyam telugu movie songs