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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Auna Neevena Song Lyrics Translation From Rudramadevi

Movie : Rudramadevi
Music : Ilayaraja
Lyrics : Sirivennela Seetharama Sasthry
Singers : Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam

Avuna Neevena Song Meaning In English 


Auna neevena ne vethukuthunna nidhivena
Is it true? Are you the one? Are you the treasure I am in search of?

Yedharunna yedhalona nidhurinchu kanthivanukunna
Standing before me, I considered you as the glow residing blissfully in my heart

Auna ninnena vennantu chelimivanukunna
Is it true? I believed that you are a companion who stays with me forever

Aina ikapaina ventadu kalathavanukona
Yet, from now on I regard you as a sweet longing of mine

Ninnu kalavanaa…Nannu maruvanaa..
Thaha thahala thapanaluu tharimenu thama valana
Should I meet you? forgetting myself? A strong sense of wanting is chasing me and the reason is you

|| Auna neevena ||

Goodu veedipoye guvvayindi manasu
My heart has become a bird wandering, leaving its nest

Mera meeripoye yerayindi vayasu
My tender age has turned into a surging stream of water leaping over the shores

Ninnu choosi chudagaane nenu yemaiyanoo
As I looked at you, I am not aware of what has happened to me

Nuvvu thaki thakagaane kothajanmaiyano
With your touch, a new life has sprung up inside me

Leni poni maaya emidhi...Theeyanaina gaayamainadhi
What is this mischievous magic? It has turned into a sweet pain

Haayi kaani haaye idhi edhevaina
It is a moment of peace, immense pleasure, whatever it may be

|| Auna neevena ||

Inni naallu ledhe nedidhemi bidiyam
It has never been this way before, why am I so hesitant today?

Kaalugadhapaneedhe vedukaina samayam
This moment is filled with jubilations is not letting me make a move

Thulalaade melukaadhe picchibhela thanamaa
This craziness of ours is immeasurable 

Aapa tharama venta tharime pilla gaali mahima
Can we control this naughty breeze following us all along?

Simgamanti pourusham ila...Benga padithe paruvu kaadhela
If the ferocious lion goes silent, it would be a disgrace

Jinka pilla kalle ilaa vetaadenaa
Charming deer eyes of yours are hunting me

|| Auna neevena ||