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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ye Mantramo Song Lyrics Translation From Andala Rakshasi

Movie : Andala Rakshasi
Music : Radhan
Lyrics : Vasishta Sharma
Singers : Bobo Shasi

Em Mantramo Song Meaning In English

Ye mantramo allesindila...Yedake vese sankela
A spell has bounded me this way...captivating my heart

Bhumenduko vanikinde ila ...Bahusha tanalo tapanakaa
This earth has swirled a little...May be due to the strong desire in her

Aakasham roopam maarinda...Naakosam vaanai jaarinda
Has the sky changed its course?...Its heading down as rain for me

Gundello premai cherindaa...Aa preme ninne korindaa
Has the love found its place in my heart?..That love is longing for u

Mabbullo endamaavai...Endantha vennelaaye
Like a mirage in the clouds...This warmth of the sun has turned into the moon light

Manasantha maayamaaye...Aina haaye
My heart is filled with strange magic...yet I find it soothing

Kshanamu oka ruthuvuga mare
Urumu prathi naramunu tarime
Parugulika varadalaipoye kothaga
Every second turns into a season for me
Flash of lightening is touching every nerve of mine
My strides are turning into a surging stream of water

Unnattu unti adugulu egire
Pagalu vala visire uhale
Manasu mathi chedaraga silaga nilichega
Without a clue, my steps started swooping upwards
My thoughts about you are trying to entrap me in the broad daylight
My soul has lost its mind and stood like a statue

Kallallo kadilinda kalala kala karigipokala
Edurayye velallo nuvu egiri pokalaaa
You are the dream of my not dissolve away
During these time of our union, do not fly away

Oo maayala inko maayala...Nannantha marchenthala
Oo maayala inko maayala...Nuvve nenayyenthala vennellaaaaa
Your magic has brought so much change in me
Your magic has turned me into you...o moonlight

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  1. OMG your blog is so awesome! Such a gem for somebody who loves Telugu movies but doesn't understand the language well. Can you please translate Ku Ku Ku Kokila Raave from Sitara? PLEEEEEEEASE!