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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pillagali Allari Song Lyrics Translation From Athadu

Movie : Athadu
Music : Manisharma
Lyrics : Sirivennela
Singer : Shreya Goshal

Pillagali allari Song Meaning In English

Pillagaali allari...vollanta gilli...nallamabbu urimena (2)
Kallerra jesi merupai tarimena
The naughtiness of a playful breeze is weaving around...dark clouds are roaring with thunders...lightning flashes are following us

Yellalanni karigi...jallumantu uriki...maa kallalo...vaakillalo
Vevela varnaala vayyaari jaana
Dissolving all the boundaries...rushing towards us...this charming rain with thousands of colors has entered our home and was held dearly in our eyes

Andamaina sirivaana muchhataga merise samayaanaa
Andaraani chandhrudaina, maa intlo bandhuvalle tirigena
During this time of beautiful and priceless downpour, even the moon of far away skies would descend to be a relative at our sweet home

Maunaala venakaalaa...vainalu telisela...gaaramga pilichena
Jhallu mantu gundelona...tuntariga thullutunna thillaanaa(2)
Behind the silence...lies those unspoken feelings...revealing them...the spirit of fun is going all round our hearts

Indra jaalamai vinodala sudilo kalaanni kariginchaga
Chandra jaalamai taarangaala vodilo yellanni muripinchaga
We all this magical bond of oneness...melting away the time in amusement
In these waves of happiness...lets cuddle to prosper in the years to come

Thaaralanni thoranaalai...vaaraala muthyaala haaralayyena
The stars have adorned themselves as the festoons of our home...and the days as the pearl necklaces of ours

Chandanaalu chilikena...mungililo nandanaalu virisenaa
Andaraani chandhrudaina, maa intlo bandhuvalle tirigena
The air is filled with scented fragrance...and joy is spread
Even the moon of far away skies would descend to be a relative at our sweet home

Navvullo hayi raagam...muvvallo vaayu vegam...emaindo intha kaalam
Intamandi brundagaanam...ivvale pampenemo aahvaanam (2)
Where have these happy tunes of smiles and stir of happiness been till now?
Seems like we gave got an invitation to the heavenly musical concert

Paalavelliga santoshaaluchilike saradaa saraagaalugaa
Swathi jhalluga swaraalenno palike sarikotha raagaaluga
In this aura of jubilations and rhythms of fun...the rain of melody is singing various tunes of happiness

Ningi daaka pongi poga...horetti potunna gaanaa bajaana
Chengu mantu aadena...chitranga jaavaleelu paadena
Andaraani chandrudaina, ma intlo bandhuvalle tirigena
The music of our rejoicing is extending beyond the celestial skies
Dance is in the air with melodies of songs all around
Even the moon of far away skies would descend to be a relative at our sweet home


  1. Hello. Thanks. Been looking for the meaning.

  2. When you learn it ought to bode well inside and out, it ought to be simple to the point that it gets to be distinctly programmed " you could do it in your rest. That is genuine learning.