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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Gundello Edo Sadi Song Lyrics Translation From Golimaar

Movie : Golimar
Music : Chakri
Lyrics : Bhaskarbatla Ravi Kumar
Singers : Chakri, Kousalya

Gundello Edosadi Song Meaning In English

In my heart...In my eyes

Gundello yedo sadi...undundi o alajadi
I feel a commotion in my heart...a disturbance has started in my heart

Kallallooo nuvu kalabadi...kammaestundi sandadi
My eyes are filled with you...I am encompassed by your love

Na pranam korindi nanne...neetone untaanani
All my life want is wants to be with you

Aanandam antondi nato...nuvvunte vastanani
Happiness would come to me...only if you are with me

Tooneegalle maarindi hrudaym nuvve kanabadi
My heart will fly in air with excitement when it sees you

Tullee tulli potondi praayam telusa tadabadi
My tender age is shying away

Na pedavanchulo nee pilupunnadee
You're name is at the tip of my lips

Nee arachetilo na bratukunnadee
My life is in your hands

Innallenta pichchonni nenu...manasistunte tappinchukunna
I've been crazy all these days...I was moving away when you showered your love on me

Mottammeeda visiginchi ninnu yedo laga dakkinchukunna
Finally with all my efforts I've won you

Manasunnadi ichhenduke...kanulunnayi kalipenduke
Heart is meant to be shared...eyes are meant to connect with each other

Ani telisaka nee premalo...padipoyanule
After knowing all these I've fallen in love with you

||Gundello yedo sadi ||

Nee kougillalo na tala valchanee
Let me rest my head in your embracement 

Ee giligintalo ne pulakinchani
I'm filled with excitement in this happiness

Naako taodu kavali antoo yepudoo yendukanipinchaledu
Why haven't I felt till now that I need a companion someday?

Vaddoddntoo ne motthukunna manase vachhi nadichindi neeto
Even after my stern heart wants to walk with you

Kanneelloste tudichenduku...santoshanni panchenduku...yevaroo leni janmendukoo...anipinchindile
What's the point in living if you don't have someone to wipe your tears and share your happiness?

||Gundello yedo sadi ||

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