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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Ghana Ghana Sundara Song Lyrics Translation From Bhakta Tukaram

Movie : Bhakha Tukaram
Music : P. Adinarayana Rao
Lyrics : Devulapalli Krishna Sastry
Singer : Ghantasala

Ghana Ghana Sundara Song Meaning In English

Hari Om...Hari Om...Hari Om

Ghana ghana sundara...karunarasa mandira
The one who is as beautiful as a monsoon cloud
and the embodiment of temple of compassion/mercy

Adi pilupo melukolupo ne pilupo melukolupo
Atimadhura madhuramou Omkaramo
Is that your call ? Or an awakening for us?
It is the most melodious mantra...the omkara

Panduranga panduranga
In Sanskrit, “pandu” means “white” while “ranga” means “color". Thus, in one sense, Panduranga means the white-colored one. Vithoba also known as Vitthala and Panduranga is a Hindu god, worshipped predominantly in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, GoaAndhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. He is generally considered a manifestation of the god Vishnu or his avatar (incarnation) Krishna.
In another context, Krishna was friend and guide to the Pandavas. Thus he became Pandava’s Ranga or Panduranga.

|| Ghana Ghana ||

Prabhata mangala pooja vela ne pada sannidhi nilabadi
Ne pada peethika talalidi...Nikhila jagathi nivalulidaga...Vedaga koniyadaga
During the auspicious time of prayer at the dawn, standing at the holy place of your feet
The entire world is bowing forehead down and touching the ground offering tribute to solicitation and in praise of you


|| Ghana Ghana ||

Girulu jharulu virulu tarulu niratamu ni pada dhyaname
Niratamu ne nama gaaname
The mountains, waterfalls, flowers, trees are always in the deep contemplation praying about you....singing the songs about you

Sakala charachara lokeswareswara
O  lord of the entire beings on earth

Srikara bhavahara...panduranga...panduranga

|| Ghana Ghana ||


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