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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Edo Priyaragam Song Lyrics Translation From Arya

Movie : Arya
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry
Singers : Sagar, Sumangali

Nuvvunte Song Meaning In English

Yedo priyaraagam vintunnaa chirunavullo
I sense a sweet melody in the cute smile of yours

Premaa aa sandadi needenaa
Love...are you the reason for this cheerfulness?

Yedo nava naatyam choostunnaa sirimuvvallo
I see a graceful dance in the jingling trinkets of yours

Premaa aa savvadi needenaa that harmonious sound yours?

Ittaage kalakaalam choodaalanukuntunnaa
I want to keep watching you the same way forever

Itupaina ee swapnam kariginchaku emaina
Whatever happens...Do not let this dream melt away

Premaa O premaa chirakaalam naavente
O love...stay with me forever

Nuvvunte nijamegaa swapnam
With you...Dream turns into reality

Nuvvunte prati maata satyam
With you...every word evolves into truth

Nuvvunte manasantaa edo teeyani sangeetam
With heart is filled with a musical delight

Nuvvunte prati adugu andam
With you...every step turns beautiful

Nuvvunte prati kshanamu swargam
With you...every moment feels like heaven

Nuvvunte ika jeevitamantaa edo santosham
With life is full of happiness

Paata paadada mounam puri vippi aadada praanam
Silence would start singing and my life would start dancing whole heartedly

Adavinaina poodota cheyada premabaatalo payanam
A wild forest would turn into a pathway of flowers, in this journey of love

Daarichoopada soonyam aracheta vaalada swargam
Nothingness would show the way...and heaven would appear in my hands

Elladaati paravallu tokkada velluvaina aanandam
All my boundless happiness would flow like a river

Premaa nee saawaasam naa swaasaku sangeetam
Love...your companionship is the music of my life

Premaa nee saannidhyam naa oohala saamraajyam
Love...your acquaintance is the kingdom of my dreams

Premaa O premaa gundello kalakaalam
O in my heart forever

Nuvvunte prati aasa sontam
With you...every desire is fulfilled

Nuvvunte chirugaale gandham
With you...even a breeze gains worth

Nuvvunte endaina kaada challani saayantram
With you...even the heat of the sun would turn into a pleasant evening

Nuvvunte prati maata vedam
With you...every word is divine

Nuvvunte prati paluku raagam
With you...every syllable is a melody

Nuvvunte chirunavvulatone nindenu ee lokam
With you...this world will be filled with adorable smiles
Unnachota unnaana aakasamandukunnaana
I am not sure where I I touching the sky?

Cheliyaloni ee kotta sambaram naaku rekka todigena
Would this jubilance of my sweetheart give me wings?
Munigi telutunnaana ee mucchataina muripaana
Am I floating in this fascinating intimacy?

Aameloni aananda saagaram nannu munchu samayaana
In this moment when I am immersed in the ocean of her happiness

Hariville nannalle ee rangulu nee valle
I am enveloped in the rainbow of your colors

Sirimallela vaagalle ee vennela neevalle
Like a rivulet of are the reason for this spread of moon light

Premaa O premaa idi saaswatamanukona
Love...will all this last forever?

Nuvvunte digulantu raade
With you...sadness would never approach me

Nuvvunte velugantuu pode
With you...the rays of sun would never leave me

Nuvvunte mari maatalu kooda paataipotaaye
With you...even the words would turn into a song

Nuvvunte edurantuu lede
With you...nothing can stop me

Nuvvunte alupantuu raade
With you...I would never be tired

Nuvvune e kashtaalaina entho ishtaale
With you...even the adversities of life would turn desirable

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