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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Manasuke Song Lyrics Translation From 24

Movie: 24
Music : A. R. Rahman
Lyricist : Chandrabose
Singers : Sid Sriram, Sanah Moidutty & Jonita Gandhi


Manasuke Song Meaning In English

Nee valle Ta Ta Thaapam
You are the reason for the warmth inside me

Nee valle Da Da Daaham
You are the reason for my intense thirst

Nee valle Gandharagolam
You are the reason for the confusion around

||Nee valle ||

Ee lokamlo ne lenatte…O maikamlo Nee vente
Leaving this world...I follow you to the dreamland

Manasuke madhuvuve...vayasuke vishamuve
You are the nectar for my heart ...poison for my age

Nee mundhe mundhe velugai nilichane... nee venake venake needai nadichane
I stood before you like a spark of light...followed you like your shadow

Padutunna lechina...chalinchave cheli nuvve
O do not respond neither in my fall nor in my rise

||Nee valle ||
||Manasuke madhuvuve || 2||

Naa kadhalo kadhaalo modhale ayinave
You started appearing in my story

Naa nidare nidare prathi kala neevele
And in the every dream of my slumber

||Manasuke madhuvuve|| 2||

Ninu thaake gaalulane thadimaane o ho ho ho
I grazed past the breezes that touched you

Nuv visire valalo odhigane o ho ho ho
I nestled in the mazes you tossed

Nadhila nadiche sandhram nuvve
Flowing like a river...your are an ocean

Gadhila tirige gaganam nuvve
Covering me like room...You are the sky

Kshanamanipinche o.ho.. yugame nuvvu
Appearing like a are a timeframe of thousands of years

Manasuke…mudipadu mudipadu
Come, join my heart

Madhuvuve…adigoni sukapadu
Relish the nectar and cherish

Vayasuke…Jathapadi shramapadu
Accompany my age

Vishamuve…vishayamu vidipadu

||Nee mundhe mundhe||

||Nee valle ||

Prathiroju o Parimalamai vasthava o ho ho ho
Will come down daily like a sweet scent of flowers?

Theneegalle nuv na thodunte o ho ho ho
Yes...if you accompany me like a honey bee

Maatalu nerche poga manchuve
You are a bale of talking fog

Aatadinche harivilluve
You are a playful rainbow

Pranam pose manmadha bhanam nuvve
You are a cupid’s arrow that bestows life

Manasuke...Manasoka vanthena
Heart is a connecting bridge

Madhuvuve...mari mari vanchana
Do not trick me with your honey  words

Vayasuke.. mana vaysoka Nichena
Our age is a growing ladder

Vi vi vishamuve vi vi visireyi

Naa kanule kalalai neekai vethikene
I searched for you with my eyes as dreams

Avi karige vela batuke chitikene
At the end of futile  search, my life would end

Nee valle santhosham antunna ee nimisham
You are the reason for the happiness this moment

Nee valle jeevitham ayyindile sangeethame
You turned my life into a melody of music

||Nee Valle||

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Laalijo Song Lyrics Translation From 24

Movie: 24
Music: A.R Rehman
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singer: Nitya Menon

Laalijo Song Meaning In English

Hmmm Laalijo ||2||

Sleep Peacefully my dear child

Hmmm Kanna Jo Chinni Rajuku Laalijo
Sleep happily my precious one...Sleep blissfully my little prince

||Hmmm Laalijo ||

Letha vellaku laalijo...Leletha kallaku laalijo
I sing this lullaby for these tender fingers...and for these soft feet

Naloni kalalanu veliginche...Neelala kallaku lalijo
I sing this lullaby for those tiny blue eyes that kindle the dreams of my eyes

Nee chitti chethula saigalatho...Nee chuttu galai thirigane
With the gestures of your little hands...I am moving all around you like the wind

Nee chirugundela savvadi lo...Nimpanu ra na kalanni
In the melody of your teeny heartbeats...I have treasured my time

||Hmmm Laalijo ||

Janmam pondhe prathi jeeviki...Edho artham vuntundhira
Every living being that bears life...there is a purpose

Naku artham nuvvera ||2||
And the purpose/meaning of my life is you

Tapassu neekai chesthunna...Naa ayushu neeke posthunna
I am praying for you...I am bestowing my years of life to you

Sirula neluvu laalijo...Chitrala koluva laalijo
Sleep deeply my reserve of riches...sleep dearly my bag of wonders

Sirula neluvu laalijo...Chiranjeeva laalijo
Sleep deeply my reserve of riches...Sleep happily my immortal angel

||Hmmm Laalijo ||2||

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Vachindi Kada Avakasam Song Lyrics Translation From Brahmotsavam

Movie: Brahmotsavam
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry
Singer: Abhay Jodhpurkar

Vachidi Kada Avakasam Song Meaning In English

Vachindi kada avakasam...O manchi maata anukundham
Now that we have got a chance...let’s talk about something good

Enduku aalasyam...Andharni rammandham
What are you waiting for?...Let’s call everybody

Sangeetham lo Sa Pa Sa...Raakapothe emlotaa
Is anything amiss if you don’t know the basics of music?

Santhosham lo hailesa...Ante edho porapataa
Is anything wrong if you shout out in happiness?

Attention everybody...Saradaga sai aadandi
Attention with joy

ABCD chaalandi...Anybody can dance andi
Knowing ABCD is enough...Any Body Can Dance

Live for the moment...Gotta live for the moment ||3||

live live

||Sangeetham lo Sa Pa Sa ||

Ey aanandam ante painedho ledhe...Manalonne dhaagundhi
Happiness is not something that’s above’s within ourselves

Chiru navvu deepam veliginchi chusthe...Manake telustundi
You will know it if you light a lamp of smiles

Aata paata hello ante...Aalochisthu yeto choodaku
When it’s time to sing, dance and say not hesitate and look away

Sarele anakaa...Sarada saakulendhuku
Without saying yes...why are you searching for excuses?

Ye pootante aa poote...Ye chotante aa chote
Be it any time...any place

Happy ga undalante...Undalanu kovalu anthe
Always be happy and wish to be happy always

Bhoogolam antha mosey panedho...Mana meedhane undha
Is the job of bearing the weight of earth assigned to us?

Lokana unde chikaaku motham...Manakorake puttindha
Does all the worries in this world are born just for us?

Evariki vaare yedho moola...Yekaanthamga untarentala
Why are you all spread out and are being for yourselves?

Paluke karuvai mooga nomulaa
Without any words are you maintaining silence?

Anukundedho kaadhante...Inkedho avuthu unte
When something planned is not accepted and something else is happening

Kaaniyile andhamantey...Kastam inkem chestundhe
And If you just leave it that way...what else does a hardship do? It follows

||Attention everybody||