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Friday, 23 February 2018

AB Yevaro Nee Baby Song Lyrics Translation From Agynaathavaasi

Movie: Agnyaathavaasi
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Lyrics: Srimani
Singer: Nakash Aziz, Arjun Chandy

AB Yevaro Nee Baby Song Meaning In English

AB yevaro nee baby
AB…who is your baby (AB is the shortened form of Pawan Kalyan’s name in the movie)

Mela mela itu merupula ratiri…Atu valapula vaikari…Oo nari nari naduma murari etu nee daari
It’s a vibrant night and time for little romance…and you are stuck between two ladies! Whose side will you take?

Chandrude chukkalo chikkero mabbulo nakero…Oo prema vihari etu raa nee guri
Moon is also stuck between the stars…he is hiding behind the clouds…Oh traveler of love, who is your focus?

Oo vaipu volcano, Oo vaipu cyclone u…Vonikenu tadisina nagaramla kunukee chedirenu hrudayam
With volcano on one side and cyclone on the other, your heart is deprived of sleep and is shivering like a drenched city

Oho vaipu cynaide u, Oo vaipu uritaadu…valapula jaillo khaidila Idi dhaari leni tharunam
With cyanide on oneside and rope to hang on the other, you are a prisoner of love who can’t escape

Bosho Devuda puvvulato pranayama….Kougili kalahama navvulatho narakame nyayama
Oh God! This appears like a sweet romance but there are squabbles for hugs…It is a very awkward situation of smiles…is this fair?

Hola Devuda vennelatho vinayama…Ayudha poojale andamto cheyyadam bhaavyama
Oh God! It all looks good but there is a war with weapons of beauty

|| Mela mela ||

Iru nadakala naatyam ye paadam tana sotthantundo
Which leg should be given the credit when the dance is performed with both the legs?

Chirunagavula laasyam ye pedaviki sontham
Which lip owns the smile when we can’t spark a smile with only one of them?

Kanupapala swapnam ye kannu thana hakkantundo
Which eye has the right on our dreams when we can’t sleep without closing both the eyes?

Iru theerapu sandhram ye vodduku sontham
To which shore does the sea belong if it has two coastlines?

AB yevaro nee baby…Kannullo aagi aagi pedavula anchunu daatanu andho
AB, who is your baby? She is resting in your eyes but Is not ready to be spelled from your lips

AB yevaro nee baby…Madilone daagi daagi bayataku raanandho
AB, who is your baby…who is hiding in your heart unable to come out

|| Bosho devuda||  

|| Mela mela ||

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Yentha Sakkagunnaave Song Lyrics Translation From Rangasthalam

Movie: Rangasthalam
Music, Singer: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics:  Chandrabose


Yentha Sakkagunnave Song Meaning In English

Note: Lachimi is a local slang of the name ‘Lakshmi’

Yeru senaga kosam mattini thavvithe…Yekanga thagilina lanke bindhe laga
Yentha sakkagunnaave…Lachimi yentha sakkagunnaave
Lachimi, you are very pretty like a pot of treasure that was found while digging the soil for reaping groundnuts

Sintha settu yekki siguru koyyabothe…Sethiki andhina sandhamaama laga
Yentha sakkagunnaave…Lachimi yentha sakkagunnaave
Lachimi , you are very pretty like the moon that descended into my hands when I was about to climb a tamarind tree for its foliage

Mallepoola maddhe muddha banthilaaga…Yentha sakkagunnaave
You look very pretty like a full bloomed marigold flower among heap of jasmines

Mutthaidhuvu mello pasupu kommu laga…Yentha sakkagunnaave
You look very pretty like a turmeric rootstalk that is worn by a married woman
(Turmeric rootstalk tied to a yellow thread is worn as Mangalsutra by women, mostly In rural areas of south India)

Sukkala seera kattukunna vennela laaga…Yentha sakkagunnaave
You look very pretty like a moonlight that is draped in a saree of stars

|| Yeru senaga kosam ||

Oh..Rendu kaalla sinukuvi nuvvu gunde serlo dookesinaavu…Alala mootalippesinaavu
Yentha sakkagunnaave…Lachimi yentha sakkagunnaave
You are a raindrop with feet! You leaped in to the river of my heart and rolled out the waves
You are so pretty!...Lachimi you are very pretty!

Mabbuleni merupuvi nuvvu nela meedha nadisesinaavu…Nannu ningi sesesinaavu
Yentha sakkagunnaave…Lachimi yentha sakkagunnaave
You are a walking streak of thunder without clouds…you turned me into Sky
You are so pretty!...Lachimi you are very pretty!

Seruku mukka nuvu koriki thinta untey entha sakkagunnaave
You look very pretty chewing that sugarcane

Seruku gedake theepi rusi thelipinave yentha sakkagunnaave
You made sugarcane understand what sweetness is…You are very pretty

Thirunaallalo thappi yedseti biddaku yedurochina thalli sirunavvu laaga
Yentha sakkagunnaave…Lachimi yentha sakkagunnaave
A spark on the face of a mother when she suddenly finds her kid who was lost in the crowd…Lachimi you are very pretty like that smile

Gaali pallakilo enki paata laaga…enki paatalona telugu maatalaga
Yentha sakkagunnaave…Lachimi yentha sakkagunnaave
Like a folk song in the palanquin of cool breezes…like the Telugu lyrics in that folk song
You are very pretty! Lachimi you are very pretty!

Kadava nuvu nadumuna betti katta meedha nadisottha unte…Sandhram nee sankekkinattu 
Yentha sakkagunnaave…Lachimi yentha sakkagunnaave
Lachimi look very pretty as you walk gracefully with a pot of water. It appears as if ocean has cuddled in your arms

Kattela mopu thalaketthukoni adugulona adugettha unte…Adavi neeku godugattinattu
Yentha sakkagunnaave…Lachimi yentha sakkagunnaave
Lachimi look very pretty as you walk carefully with that bundle of hay on your head. It appears as if forest has hold out an umbrella for you

Burada selo vari naatu vettha unte…yentha sakkagunnaave
You look very pretty sowing those paddy stalks in the muddy fields

Bhoomi bommaku nuvu praanam posthunnattu…yentha sakkagunnaave
You are very pretty like a portrait of mother earth that sprung into life

|| Yeru senaga kosam ||

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Varsham Munduga Song Lyrics Translation From Sega

Movie: Sega
Music: Joshua Sridhar
Lyrics: Sree Mani
Singers: Sunitha Suzanne


Varsham Munduga Song Meaning In English

Varsham munduga mabbula garshana, manasuna musirine Idi mari pranayama pralayamaa
As it is about to rain, I can hear the quarrel of the clouds, it’s drizzling  in my heart…is this a sign of love or catastrophe?

Hrudayam ninduga naa ee sangarshana, nanne marichene Idi badho edo
My heart is filled with commotion…this grief is making me forget myself

Kunukemo dariki radu unukemo vadilipodu…Ye vintha parugu nado naa payanam mathram poorthavadu
I am neither able to sleep not let go of your thoughts, towards where am I running? This journey seems endless

Naa chentha nuvvu unte kaalam ki viluva ledu…nuvu dhooram aipothunte vishamanipinchenu ee nimisham
There is no value for time if you are with me…when you move away from me, this minute feels like poison

||Varsham munduga||

Pasi vayasulo naatina vithulu…Manakanna perigenu ethulu
The seeds that we sowed in our childhood grew into tall trees

Viraboosenu poovulu ippudu...Kosinderevappatikappudu
They are blooming flowers now…but who are plucking them?

Nuvu thodai unna nadu palakarinche daarulanni daari thapputhunnave 
The paths which greeted me when you were with me are now turning away

Naa kannulu kalaluga kolanulo…Kanneellatho jarenu enduku
The lake of dreams in my eyes is filled with tears…why is it so?

Naa sandhyalo challani galulu…Sudi galiga marenu enduku
Cool breezes in the evening have turned into violent storms…why is it so?

Inni naallu unna swargam narakam laaga maren… Ee chithravadha neeku undada

The heaven I am living in till now, turned into a hell…are you also going through this agony?

||Varsham munduga||

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