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Monday, 20 November 2017

Title Song Lyrics Translation From Middle Class Abbayi (MCA)

Movie: Middle Class Abbai (MCA)
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singer: Nakash Aziz

Middle Class Abbai Song Meaning In English

Veedhi chivara untadho Tea kottu…Aada mem thaage tea emo ½
There is a tea stall at the corner of the street, we have a one-by-two tea there

Onti meedha undedhokka jeans pantu…Paina apudapudu marustham T-shirtu
We wear only one jeans, and change the T-shirt once in a while

Maa favourite hero cinema hitu…Aithe mem kooda chestham same hair cutu
If the movie of our favorite hero is a big hit, we get same haircut as him

Maa colony kaveri thoti silent…Kaani kalallona kajal tho duetu
We remain silent with Kaveri of our street, but have a duet song with Kajal in our dreams

Aashadam sales lo half rate kichina…Migatha half adugutham discount
Though we get a 50% off during a sale, we ask for discount on the rest of 50%

Meme middle class abbailam…MCA ||3||
Meme middle middle middle class abbailam
We are middle class men

Hey picture naadhi pop corn needhi…Mandhe nadhi munching needhi
I will pay for the picture and you pay for the popcorn…I will take care of the drinks, you look after snacks

Bike ye naadhi petrol needhi...Arey cigarette naadhi mama killi needhi
I will get my bike, you pay for the petrol…I will buy the cigarettes, you buy paan

Ani vaata vesi karche pedatham arey paisa paisa poge chestham
This way we spend on our needs by sharing, we save every penny

Chivariki chitti katti cheating avtham…Malli luck ye vasthundhani lottery try chesthaam
At last we get cheated by investing the savings in chit funds, then hoping for luck we try lottery

|| Meme middle class abbailam…MCA ||

Hey pass book lo paisal kanna…Facebook lo friends ekkuva
We have more facebook friends than the money in the passbook

Vadnukunna kooralakanna…Pakkintolliche pacchalekkuva
We have more pickles given by the neighbors, than the curries we cook

Arey paper lona vaarthala kanna…Pittagoda kaada news ekkuva
We are more interested in the gossips of the neighborhood than the newspaper updates

Arey beer bottle le thaagekanna…Vaatini ammetappudu kick ye ekkuvaa
We get more kick by selling beer bottles that drinking it

|| Meme middle class abbailam…MCA ||

Sydney Nagaram Song Lyrics Translation From Orange

Movie : Orange 
Music : Harris Jaya Raj
Lyricis: Surendra Krishna, Kedarnath Parimi
Singers : Karunya, Ranina Reddy

Oola Oolala Song Meaning In English

Oola olala ala chusthene chala…ila na kallu ninne chusthundaala
As you look at me, my eyes can’t shift their stare away from you

Chala lovely ga ila repaavu gola madhey sealona surfing chesthondila
You have created a hustle inside me in a lovely way…my heart is surfing in the sea

Sydney nagarm chese neram innalu ninu dachuntundhi
City of Sydney has committed a mistake by hiding you from me till now

Sigge padthu thappe thelisi irojyna chupinchindi
Realizing its mistake and feeling sorry for what’s done, it showed you to me today

This is the time to fall in love…fall in love…o my love
Welcome to my heart…I'm in love…I'm in love ...your my love…your my love

||Sydney nagaram||

|| Oola oolala ||

Sagara theerana udayam la edo taaja ullasame
Like a sunrise along a seaside, I feel renewed with joy

Entho bagundhi ee nimisham tsunami la santhoshame
This minute is so beautiful, I am flooded with a tsunami of happiness

Telusukunadhi konchame aa konchamlone entho nachave
I only know a little about you, I liked you a lot even though I hardly know you

Kalusukomani aathrame o lava laga lo lo pongindhey
My eagerness to meet is pouring out like volcanic lava

Ilvale rale patha badhe ninu chuda
My worries fade away as I see you

A letha allarle lagayila neela veedi padam adindhila
Your childlike mischief drew me towards you, leaving the ground my feet are in the air

Aa yedu rangulni marachanila naalo taaja premey orange la
I have combined the seven colors of a rainbow into a juicy orange of my love

Apude puttina papala nuvvu kotha kaalam ichinavuga
Like a new born baby you have started a new phase in my life

Ipude vachina swasalo nuvvu challa gaali challinavuga
You have spread coolness in my breath

Ivale valle kotha hayi ninnu chuda
I feel rejuvenated by looking at you

|| Oola oolala ||

||Sydney nagaram||

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Rendu Kallu Song Lyrics Translation From Mahanubhavudu

Movie: Mahanubhavudu
Music: Thamman S
Lyrics: Krishna Kanth
Singer: Armaan Malik

Ninnati Varaku Nena Song Meaning In English

Nittati varaku nena…Ninu choosake lena
I was with me till yesterday…but after seeing you, I am not with me anymore

Ninnila kalise nadhanu manase veedinadhe thelise
After meeting you, my heart left me

Rendu kallu…Rendu kallu…Nannu laagesaye oopiri aapesaye
Your eyes lured me towards you, they paused my breath

Inka chalu…Inka chalu…Nammalenanthaga naku nachesaye
That is enough, I liked them beyond my imagination

Inni nallu…Inni nallu…Vechi choosthu unna nannu meppinchave
You have impressed me who has been waiting for you so long

Vandha yellu…Vandha yellu…Ninnu choosthu choosthu ne brathikesthane
I will live hundred years by watching you dearly

Hey Ninnila ninnila choosesane…Na kallallo kallallo daachesane
As I saw you, I treasured you in my eyes

Na manasekkado paaresukunnane…Meghana Meghanaaa
I lost my heart somewhere…O Meghana

Na gundello weight evo laagesindhe…Na aakali nidrantha poye poye
My hearts feels being pulled down by a weight…My hunger and sleep are gone

Kottha kotthaga ededo avuthunnadhe…Meghana Meghana
Something new is happening with me

Urumulevi leni neeli meghama…Urakalesi dooke vaayu vegama
You are a blue cloud without a thunder…a velocity of a gushing wind

Usuru posi theese divya raagama…Oorinche soyagama
You are a divine melody who gives life and takes it away…you are a tempting beauty

Merupulaga vaale chinni andhama…Marapu rane rani meni roopama
You are a spark of charm…you are unforgettable

Niduralone leni swapname nuva…Pai nunde diginaava
Are you the dream in reality? Have you descended from above?

|| Rendu kallu ||